Suite Renovation is privately owned, which gives us the unique benefit of providing our clients professional, high-quality services on a personal level. Through the company’s core values of integrity and honesty, we have become Southern California’s leader in providing comprehensive building maintenance solutions, janitorial/custodial services, post construction clean-up, and other specialty services. These include power washing, carpet cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, window cleaning, stone polish and restoration, general contracting and more.

In addition, our unique position in the industry as a licensed, full service General Contractor and maintenance provider is truly a differentiator. Our program allows us to bridge the gap between the two for more serious property improvements extending beyond floor polishing, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, and the typical day-to-day cosmetics. This gives us a tremendous competitive advantage. Our unique position also allows our sales consultants or account managers to provide technical information firsthand, while keeping our eye on preventive measures and addressing repair situations before they escalate into problems for you.

Which for you means:

  • More accurate cash flow forecasting each month (Profit & Loss)
  • Eliminate sourcing process of labor providers/repair contractors
  • Nip physical problems early before they are noticeable or, even worse, a tenant brings it to your attention

Suite Renovation can keep this easy.
And we can do it for a fraction more than what you pay for basic janitorial services on most properties*.

Suite Renovation, by eliminating middlemen and capitalizing on an economy of scope as a CA-licensed General Contractor, does three things:

  1. What the basic janitorial/night cleaning service should do for your property already.
  2. Comprehensive functions of a general contractor for more in depth maintenance and beautification.
  3. Minimize your construction spending. Additional cash-flow available rather than spending a HUGE amount in one shot for the same services we offer on a monthly basis. “Amortizing” such costs is smarter accounting and financial forecasting.

Our technical proficiencies include critical aspects of your business such as:

  • Capital improvements
  • Contract negotiations
  • Building code & regulatory guidance
  • Budget management

Most importantly, our belief is that a safe company is not only a moral responsibility, but also dramatically increases productivity and workplace security – not to mention the cost savings to the owner. Our employees know their safety is Suite Renovation’s first priority, and it shows in their work.

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