Suite Renovation’s Building Maintenance Program Is Designed to Reduce Your Operational Costs, Increases Your Property Value, Occupancy Rates, and Attracts Higher Rents.

We eliminate the need for separate contractors to clean, repair, and maintain your facility and our building maintenance practices have proven to contribute to maximizing the life of the facility while reducing life cycle costs.

No web page needs to reiterate what property owners, condo association board members, business owners and branch managers renting, and property managers already know: that thorough and affordable building maintenance is necessary and thus built into operating overhead with property taxes and mortgage payments.

You also know you get what you pay for; and you only pay for what you need.

More specifically, if you’re reading this, you are likely one of the following:

ŸOwner: A lot is on your plate. Keeping building occupancy up with desirable tenants, overlooking workers, and daily upkeep on top of your responsibility for your own business affairs. Your eye catches every detail. Sloppy cleaning work, chipped paint, fingerprinted mirrors in the ladies’ restroom. Unsightly and more complex problems like carpet extraction and replacement of broken tiles and cracked windows. What about when the recent addition of a break room falls short of building code requirements and must be corrected to meet building code? Suite Renovation believes buildings talk. Our team pays close attention as you do. Service is consistent and comes at a fraction above what the average cleaning service already costs you.

ŸHOA board member: Most HOA members are not necessarily in the real estate business. Your focus is a pleasant living community including an aesthetically pleasing living quarters, lobby, and common areas. Going through a decision-making process each time an issue with repairs or remodeling project arises can be hassle-free without being expensive and putting association members off.

ŸTenants expanding/remodeling: You might have plans to expand to accommodate new personnel or personalize your branch office to meet corporate layout policy. With lots of moving parts involved, mistakes are costly and time consuming. If such a service exists whereby 1) the trial-and-error involved in having your office remodeled can be eliminated, 2) Suite Renovation can buy the materials at wholesale prices and provide the labor, and 3) perform janitorial services you already pay for presently, this is worth its weight in gold.

ŸProperty Manager: Your business is as much about address and image as it is mere oversight of a property. When your company purchases a building, it does its best to measure the best potential ROI over a period of time. Paying for inevitable restoration work while applying preventive measures at an affordable cost allows you more accurate profit forecasting and overhead budgeting. This program makes sense if we can source materials and perform repair work for a minimal cost above what you pay for basic cleaning services.

The Suite Renovation Building Maintenance Program eliminates moving parts.

It helps you and it is affordable, dependable, and practical.

Suite Renovation, by eliminating middlemen and capitalizing on an economy of scope as a CA-licensed General Contractor, does for you the following:

  1. What the basic janitorial/night cleaning service cannot do for your property.
  2. Comprehensive functions of a general contractor* for more in depth maintenance and beautification.
  3. Minimize your construction spending. Additional cash-flow available rather than spending a HUGE amount in one shot for the same services we offer on a monthly basis. “Amortizing” such costs allow for smarter accounting and financial forecasting.
  4. More accurate cash flow forecasting each month (Profit & Loss)
  5. Nip physical problems early before they are noticeable or, even worse, a tenant brings it to your attention
  6. Eliminate sourcing process of labor providers/repair contractors

STRAIGHTFORWARD PROPOSITION: Most janitorial services are opposite and lack technical wherewithal beyond cleaning. Most general contractors want bigger-budget projects because they cannot profit from the small ones.

We provide the latter while keeping our eye on preventive measures and addressing repair situations before they escalate into problems for tenants, which mean problems for you.

Our technical proficiencies include critical aspects of your business such as:

  • Ÿ  Capital improvements
  • Ÿ  Contract negotiations
  • Ÿ  Building code & regulatory guidance
  • Ÿ  Budget management

Find out why our Building Maintenance services clients prefer us over the competition.

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