What Businesses Should Know About Hiring An Office Cleaning Company

Depending on your overall objectives and budget limitations, commercial janitorial service companies (office cleaning companies) can differ extensively, from emptying the trash receptacles and vacuuming at a variety of different frequencies such as week by week, bi-monthly, monthly, or day by day cleaning which includes mopping and buffing the floors and sanitizing the restrooms.

Common expenses:

  • Costs may vary substantially depending on the amount of cleaning you need done and how frequently the cleaners are required to perform. Many cleaning companies will charge a standard rate for smaller sized businesses. Emptying trash and light cleaning (vacuuming and tidying) in a substantially small office begins around $30-$40 for every visit and goes up depending on the size of the office(s), the number of restrooms and the extent of the cleaning asked for. A small office with just a couple employees might only require general cleaning once a week for a cost around $150-$250 for every month, while the while the cost to clean 3 or more offices, and a break/conference room can run $700-$900 or more a month.
  • Bigger jobs that need more customized cleaning or more continuous services are generally charged at a rate of 5 cents to 55 cents or more for every square foot. Most companies charge extra for work beyond basic cleaning — For example: stripping and waxing floors, carpet extraction or rug cleaning, and cleaning appliances such as microwaves or refrigerators. Typically, the greater the sized offices can bring down the cost for every square foot.

What should be expected?

  • Cleaning is normally done during the evening, after operating hours while your business is closed. Regular every day duties for general cleaning will typically include mopping and vacuuming, cleaning and dusting-off desktops, and cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, and replenishing bathroom supplies. Additional tasks (which are not necessarily done daily) can include carpet and upholstery cleaning, dusting ceilings and light fixtures, and general maintenance tasks such as replacing burnt-out light bulbs – but this type of service is usually provided at an additional costs.
  • Generally a cleaning company account / project manager will visit you to tour your office and provide you a cost free estimate. The main factors looked for when providing you with an accurate estimate for the cost of janitorial service you require would be based on the flowing: frequency of cleaning; the current condition of the your property; amount of occupied area required to be cleaning; and other special requests you may have wanted to include.


  • Most janitorial cleaning or office cleaning companies provide their own cleaning supplies. In the event that you prefer to provide the cleaning supplies, make sure you bring this to the cleaning companies attention so that realize this preference ahead of time and so they don’t bill you for supplies you wish to provide.

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