Post-Construction Cleaning by Professionals is a MUST!

Work does not close once a major or minor renovation or development venture is finished. After all sub contractors and laborers have finished their jobs, left the property, and taken their equipment and supplies with them, the property needs a thorough cleaning to be ready for occupancy. Propoer cleaning and preparation of the project inside and out, using only the best cleaning products and equipment available will help ensure that the your client or the property’s new occupants will enjoy a fresh, clean space.

To protect your investment and / or impress your client, it’s important to hire a specially trained cleaning crew. Otherwise, the work may not be finished according to CA state building code, which can create some unwanted situations and delay the approval process. For one, it can be extremely complicated and time consuming to sell or move into a completed constructing project that is not cleaned to health and safety standards. Dangerous material must be removed from the property throughout and if the proper methods of disposal are not utilized, the property can be deemed “unsafe”. Specialized equipment and cleaning items must be used to help prepare the property for occupancy.

Assuming that windows were kept open throughout the construction or renovation process, dust, debris, allergens, and other unhealthy particles can enter the property. A trained post construction cleaning crew will know the proper techniques to help remove these unwanted items from the interior.  Paint, dust particles, and other stains must be removed from all floor areas. In addition, the ground floors should be treated for considerable foot activity in certain areas – assuming it will encounter day-to-day traffic beyond normal volume. Other construction materials such as cement, drywall mud, tape, and even rocks can get into window ledges, tracks, and sills while construction took place. All of these circumstances should be inspected and completely removed until thoroughly cleaned.

Interior and exterior window cleaning can be provided if requested. Pressure washing or my hand washing the windows with the proper towels, water, and squeegee’s does this. Inexperienced workers or any wrong moves can bring about severe damage making it a necessity to take every important safety measure. In the event that carpeted floors have been laid in the property, commercial vacuums and other special techniques must be used to remove any staples or nails abandoned or left behind by the installers or other subs.

Fact is, post construction cleaning is an essential part of the final construction process. General laborers or other construction workers should not be used for this phase of construction since they are not familiar with the equipment, technique, or procedures that must be to be utilized in order to prepare the property for its official Grand opening or occupancy. General contractors, owners, or other management should always hire experts to help them save time, money, and headaches in the future.

If you’re in the process of developing, building or renovating a project that requires the help of a professional construction clean-up company that can ensure you, your client, or it’s new occupants will enjoy a fresh, clean space at an affordable price, Suite Renovation is here for all of your construction clean-up needs.

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