Commercial Cleaning vs. Maid Service. Whats the difference?

If you own and or operate a commercial property or office building, or manage a small or large business such as a restaurant, night club, gym, or accounting firm, you may have asked yourself what’s the difference between a commercial cleaning services company and a typical maid service company. Maid services are a wonderful way for homeowners to keep their homes clean. When most people think of a cleaning service; their first thought is of a maid service or house keeping services. The fact is most maid services are not trained or fully equipped to property clean or maintain commercial properties, as their focus and expertise is on residential properties only.

As we’re all aware, in this struggling economy, it’s unlikely to find someone ready to turn down an opportunity to work.  Unfortunately, this tends to be the case with most maid services.  No matter how large the job may be, they will most likely underestimate what’s required to do the job right and lack the skills and manpower to complete the job properly. If you’re owning or operating a commercial business or property, your best bet is to hire a service that specializes in cleaning commercial properties to save you time and frustration in the long run.

So what’s the difference between a maid service company and commercial cleaning company?

Commercial Cleaning

This sort of cleaning is business to business. The cleaning technicians visit the client’s property or place of business and provide a thorough and business-like cleaning service. The technician has a detailed list and scope or work to carry out. This may include vacuuming, damp moping, disinfecting, and garbage removal. The scope of work is pretty straightforward and does not normally change. Commercial cleaning or office cleaning is usually done in the evenings and if required, on the weekends, after business hours when everyone has gone home and the workday is over. This allows the cleaning technicians to do a quick and thorough job without interference and with disrupting your daily work activities. The business receiving the commercial cleaning service is typically billed monthly.

Maid Service

Companies that offer maid service or residential cleaning go to a client’s home, making this a business to customer transaction. The cleaning undertakings are frequently more subjective and private. This may include the cleaning and tidying up or collectibles, showers, and kitchen appliances. Cleaning a client’s home often requires more time and special attention because it’s more personalized for each home owner. Although tips are not required, homeowners often provide the house cleaners with a cash reward for a job well done. Residential cleaning regularly occurs throughout the day, and the homeowner can decide whether to be home or not during this time. Clients for the most part pay at the end of the job on the same day of service.


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