5 Simple Steps You & Your Cleaning Co. Should Follow to Keep Your Office Floors Clean!

Protect the floors inside your business and work environment by having your staff and cleaning company following these 5 simple steps:


1) Have a proper floor mat system in place.

Make sure to stop dirt and debris from entering the building at the door. With a dual floor mat system in place, a rubber scraper mat outside your place of business can effectively remove dirt and soil from the bottoms of shoes, while carpet mats in the entryway capture any residual dirt or soil brought in.  If your business does not currently use mats, perhaps you should consider the benefits of using them. Not only will it be a preemptive strike on dirt and soil, but it will also reduce the amount of deep cleaning needed to bring your floors back to their natural beauty!

2) Frequent mopping.

Make sure your cleaning company is mopping frequently and correctly. This will help prolong the life of your flooring and keep it cleaning and looking great for longer periods of time.

3) Changing to new cleaning tools often.

As floors become dirtier, so will the tools your company uses to clean with. To keep floors looking their best, your cleaning company should frequently change out the solutions in mop buckets and rinse as well as launder all microfiber mop pads as often as needed. The type of cleaning chemicals will also have an impact on dirt removal and the efficiency of the floor care program that should be in place.  Special chemicals can remove residue while also cleaning the floor surface, so make sure your cleaning company use the right ones.

4) Schedule a deep cleaning.

In the summer months, deep cleaning floors may be required less often due to better weather conditions and the limited buildup of soil on floor surfaces and between grout lines. However, during the winter, things are a little different. It is very important to increase deep cleaning frequency to prevent harmful Substances from corroding your hard floor surfaces. Its also important to help prevent discoloring from occurring to you carpeted surfaces. According to ISSA, one square yard of commercial carpeting captures over one pound of dirt per week and twice as much during rain weather. By effectively flushing out dirt and debris tracked into the facility, your office or building can substantially improve the appearance of your floors with a regular deep cleaning program.

5) Conduct staff training.

If you have employees that clean between visits from your cleaning company, make sure each one is properly trained and understands the correct processes for cleaning floors. In addition to providing education on the proper technique, it is equally important to educate staff as to why keeping floors clean is important.


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